urbánny splietací mág

Pozvánka na workshop

We invite Slovak translators to participate in Translators Meeting Gorajec 2019 (Poland)
When: 25 – 30 June (Tuesday-Sunday)

For whom: The Meeting is addressed to those, who are engaged in literary translation from one of the languages of Central and Eastern Europe. The participants should have at least a passive knowledge of Polish.
The participants will spend 6 days in the agrotouristic facility of Chutor Gorajec, which is located in the Polish-Ukrainian borderland. The workshops should help the translators with their work on the texts, develop their translation skills and give them an opportunity to exchange their experience. We will work both in plenary sessions and in smaller groups (concentrating on specific languages). We will hold panel discussion on literature and translation as such and we will host three special guests.
Project supported by Visegrad Fund. VLNA is partner of project.

Information in English: http://folkowisko.gorajec.info/translators-meeting-gorajec-2019/
Information in Polish: http://folkowisko.gorajec.info/zglos-sie-na-spotkania-translatorskie-gorajec-2019/
Recrutation form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdxsgrapjfPA5DAPtmcpIr7qgze9Yhq8BPnSLNVhIBlbwU7Kg/viewform